Restaurant Industry Wedding

Last night, I went to a wedding for a chef that I known for awhile, we actually went to the same high school. OK, so I went 15 years of so before him. I met Bobby when he was a culinary student and I was teaching Japanese cuisine. He’s a very creative chef, but understands food service and the need to fit within the kitchen operation and cost structure. I called him for one of my earliest projects and he came through with flying colors. When someone like Bobby tells me that he won’t let me down, I knew he was the right person to call. I only wish that there are more food people like Bobby.

So last night he married his beautiful bride Sophia in a festive setting surrounded by family and friends. For me, it was more of a reunion to see industry people that I haven’t seen in awhile. We all talked about the same thing, increasing revenue and surviving during this tough economic time. But last night, it was all about Bobby and Sophia. They were gracious in thanking their guests for sharing this special occasion with them. OK, the honest truth, I’ve never seen Bobby so serious.

What would a wedding reception be without mentioning the food? All I’ll say is that if you get invited to a celebration with restaurant industry people, you go. It’s always good to have a wide range of specialty food and last night was incredible.

Best Wishes Bobby and Sophia!


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