What Were You Thinking?

Last week, I was at an upscale restaurant having dinner. The restaurant had just opened for dinner service and a guy comes in and asks for the manager. He introduces himself as a “Marketer” and was at the restaurant to introduce his client’s product and started his pitch. This guy struck out on 3 pitches. As someone in the restaurant biz, you don’t come in during dinner service to “pitch” a product, Strike 1. Based on his presentation, it appeared that he had no idea what the restaurant concept was, who the clients were, or anything about the restaurant business, Strike 2. The funny thing was that he didn’t know much about the product either, the only information he has was a product sample, Strike 3. At this point, he tried to throw around buzz words, like he was in the industry. But when you don’t believe in what you’re saying, it sounds even worse. Hit the Showers, You’re Done!

Just because you’re a promoter in the entertainment or fashion industry (as an example), doesn’t mean that you can transfer to food without a hitch. This guy was so far off, I was surprised that he didn’t fall off his chair. You have to learn the food and the concept first. A French chef would have no idea what to do in a Chinese kitchen set-up with only woks.

I'm sitting at a nearby table and couldn't believe what I was hearing from this guy. One would think that he would've done his homework before seeing a possible client. I embarrassed for this guy, but also angry that he was giving marketers, like me, a bad name. Don't think that his product would EVER get into that restaurant. Word to the wise, Never approach a restaurant owner or chef when they’re in the middle of service to pitch something. If I was the client, I would be really upset that a company I hired would promote my product in this manner. I should have gotten the name of the product and have gone after that business...

Isn’t this just common sense? I appreciate your comments. Thank you.


Littlebitofmoni said…
That is so strange. I really give it to you for staying there. It's one of those "here's your sign" experiences.

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