June 18th is International Sushi Day

International Sushi Day!
June 18th

Not really sure what that means, but it's on the #foodcalendar...

Although sushi originated in China in the 3rd Century as a way to preserve fish, the sushi we know today is from Japan. Here's the funny thing, the California Roll, which began the sushi revolution around the world, originated in Los Angeles. So, I guess in Japan the California Roll is International and thus today's celebration. Other than that, that's all I got...

Sushi Combo
Sushi Dragon
Sun Valley

I'll celebrate by visiting my friend Tommy at Sushi Dragon. Tommy Kosaka is one of those chefs who visits the fish market every day and selects the very best for his customers. I like Sushi Dragon, it's one of those small neighborhood places that does the old skool way that you don't find anymore. Seems like most places have gone fusion or what I call "confusion" and can't make a decent tempura. Funny how you can find those places around, but not old skool kind of places. It reminds me of an era that no longer exists or at least is a dying breed.

Sushi Bar Bonus
Grilled Suzuki Kama or Collar

Suzuki is a Japanese Seabass which has a mild flavor. The collar (kama) is found behind the grill area and usually served grilled. Most places will serve Yellowtail or Salmon collar grilled and served with ponzu.

Tommy is one of those chefs who find ways to use the entire fish, some call it head to tail consumption. It's a very small neighborhood place that serves great old skool Japanese food AND has the best priced lunch special in town.

Lunch Special

If you stop in, tell Chef Tommy that Chef Jay says Hello!

8069 Vineland Avenue
Sun Valley, CA 91352
(818) 768-4507
Closed Sundays

Pass The Wasabi!

Photos by Jay Terauchi


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