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Stokes Purple® Wave Pie by Lauren Ko

Getting stoked for the holidays can be delicious! I was invited to a Frieda’s  Specialty Produce event, featuring cookbook author, Lauren Ko. Her cookbook “Pieometry” is a wonderful book of pie recipes  and techniques that even a baking novice like me can do to make incredible  looking pies to impress my friends  and family. But First, a little bit about Frieda’s… I’m familiar that Frieda’s is a specialty produce  company, but I didn’t know that Frieda was the  first to introduce Chinese Gooseberry to the U.S. in 1962.  (before my time) After changing the name to Kiwifruit, the item took off! (Did you know?  I didn’t…) Frieda introduced other exotic items, maybe I’ll do a video at a later time. Frieda’s Specialty Produce  is a second generation, female owned, family business in Southern California. But tonight, it’s all about the Stokes Purple® Sweet Potato. Grown in California, this is a denser sweet potato  with good flavor. Just look for the Stokes Purple® Sweet Potato label Lauren