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South City Fried Chicken is Back at Lunch! (New)

Between 8th and 9th on Spring Street in Downtown Los Angeles, you’ll find Preux & Proper and their South City Fried Chicken lunch menu.

If you follow me, you’ll probably remember  my visit to South City Fried Chicken post when they were at Corporation Food Hall down the street.  See it HERE.

They’re now back at  Preux & Proper with their all-time favorites... (Served at Lunch Only)

Nashville Fried Chicken Sandwich 
Served with an overnight buttermilk brined premium Georgia chicken breast, Nashville rub,  chili oil, house-made pickles, and cookout slaw  on a buttered bun.
This spicy sandwich can be ordered as hot / xxx / reaper / hellfire
I’m already sweating...

A lot of choices to choose from...
Lunch Monday - Saturday 11 AM to 4 PM

But maybe something from the bar first...
They have really good cocktail too.

Chef Sammy Monsour 
The chef explaining all of their proteins and  ingredients are from sustainable sources and local farms.  They also grow their own micros, as shown by the chef.
As someone who work…