Filipino Pop-up (New) - Mari Los Angeles

Having grown up near Historic 
Filipinotown, the Echo Park area 
of Los Angeles, I’m somewhat 
familiar with Filipino food.

BUT there weren’t any places
to get Filipino food back then.
So, I had to get invited to
my Filipino friends’ family parties.
(did I say that out loud?)

These days, there are many venues
one can find Filipino dishes,
both fast casual and sit down establishments.

What about modern or elevated
Filipino food?

AND on the Westside 
of Los Angeles?

Photo Courtesy of Kristie Hang
in Century City
has a Modern Filipino Inspired 
Pop-up this Summer!

Located in Mari’s outdoor patio at the

Where’s That?

In the shadow of Nakatomi Plaza,
lies the InterContinential Los Angeles
in Century City.

If you’re a Die Hard fan,
then you’d recognize this building.

If not, it’s the Fox Plaza building,
adjacent to the Fox studio lot.

Happy 30th Birthday,
Nakatomi Plaza!

Now back to the food...

in Tagalog means to “Eat”

So let’s Eat!

Photo Courtesy of Kristie Hang
Chef Brian Bellicourt 
created tonight’s menu,
who (in true Filipino-fashion) was 
inspired by his mother’s cooking. 

It’s his modern take on traditional 
dishes that I’m looking forward to
this evening and chef says it’s a go 👍

Snacks were on the table when 
we arrived, crispy pig’s ears and seasoned peanuts.

The crispy pig’s ear reminded me 
of chicharon and the seasoned peanuts 
set the flavor profile for the evening.

I knew we were off to a great start!

the bar is open!

When I think of Filipino food
and family gatherings, I think
of grabbing a beer and sitting down
with LOTS of good food.

When InterContinential mixologist, 
Scott Allen, described the cocktail
he created for this pop-up,
I knew a beer would have
a minor role tonight.

The Calamansi Gin Lemonade

 Calamansi is a citrus and widely
grown in the Philippines.

I’m not really a Gin fan,
but this cocktail was refreshing 
and set the mood for dinner.

See What Jay Eats...


Tuna Kilawin
with Taro Chips 

Similar to a ceviche, loved this
tuna with a kick.

Pork Belly Sisig Toast

Who doesn’t like pork belly?

Ube Gnocchi 
with Bopis, Thai Basil and Pecorino.

Ube is a purple yam
and usually found in desserts.
But Chef Brian used it in the gnocchi.


with Spaghetti, Annotto Pork Ragu, 
Charred Shrimp, Crispy Pork Skin, 
Soft Boiled Egg and Scallions.

Who doesn’t like a runny egg,
Spaghetti and large shrimp???

Chicharon-Crusted Sea Bass
with Bok Choy, Shiitake Mushrooms, 
Ginger Soy Broth, Peanut Emulsion,
Eggplant and Long Beans.

The broth is poured tableside,
loved the texture of this fish.

Chicken Adobo
with Sautéed Ong Choy, Ube Mashed
Potatoes, Atchara and a Vinegar 
Soy-Garlic Glaze.

A traditional Filipino dish,
Adobo.  Served with Ong Choy,
a Water Spinach, so good!

Atchara is a pickle made with
unripe papaya.

Spicy Beef Cheek Kaldereta 
with Pea Purée, Charred Baby Carrots,
Confit Fingerling Potatoes and a
Tomato Demi Glacé.

Days after the preview dinner,
I was still thinking about this dish.

Just when you thought 
it couldn’t get any better,
it was Dessert Time!

Executive Pastry Chef Gail Romulo
introduced the two desserts
created for this pop-up.

Calamansi Almond Sans Rival

Great citrus & almond flavor!

Cornbread Bibingka
with Blueberry Lemon Thyme Compote
topped with fresh blueberries and corn.

I loved this dessert,
baked in banana leaves,
and the fresh corn was a 
great addition.

Whether you’re a Filipino food novice
or expert, this pop-up is for everyone.
Set in Mari’s outdoor patio,
it makes for a great summer evening.

*The fixed menu is $55/person and includes snacks for the table, a choice of appetizer, choice of entrée and dessert for the table.

The pop-up begins Thursday, 
August 9, 2018, and each Thursday
(until 8/30) from 6 pm - 9 pm.

Reservations are limited, so RSVP to with the name, party size, date, 
and preferred time.

Go Eat!

InterContinential Los Angeles
2151 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Maraming Salamat!
(Thanks a Lot)
Scott Allen
Brian Bellicourt 
Giuliana Gonnella
Kelsey Harrison
Gail Romulo

NOTE:  I was a guest of Mari Los Angeles.
I thank them for the invitation and hospitality.
All comments and opinions are strictly my own.

Photos by Jay Terauchi
unless noted.
Jay Eats Worldwide 
(c) Jay Terauchi 


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