Touchdown at Trejo's Donuts!

You've probably seen this 
badass on the side of the
building in Hollywood.

Yup, Trejo's Donuts!

Today, instead of being busy with customers, it was filled with media
folks for a special announcement.

Lots of media was here, lots!

Media from Russia was here too!

Rams' fans in Russia???

It could happen!

Danny Trejo (Right) and Los Angeles Rams' #76 Rodger Saffold (Left) announce the Los Angeles Rams Donut
at Trejo's Donuts in Hollywood.

Available only on game days.

Perfect for any Rams' fan!

IF you happen to be there
on a non-game day,
they still have some tasty donuts.


with Tequila, lime and salt.

It does taste like a Margarita!


A Raised Donut with dark chocolate 
and chocolate crumbled.

Cafe con Leche

A Raised Donut with Trejo's espresso, vanilla and chocolate crumble. 

Pineapple Fritter

A Raised Donut with Pineapple and

Danny Trejo said it was a favorite of his.

Great tasting drinks and merch too...

The vegan Horchata is actually 
very tasty, it's sweetened with dates.

I wanna get a Trejo's Donut cap...

I opted for the Strawberry Lemonade 
agua fresca.

Even Rodger Saffold enjoys
a Trejo's donut.

Words to live by...

Get some donuts to go!

Thanks Trejo's Donuts
and Let's Go Rams!

6785 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Open Daily 7 am - 3 pm

NOTE:  I was a guest of Trejo's Donuts.
I thank them for their invitation and hospitality.
All comments and opinions are strictly my own.

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide
(c) Jay Terauchi


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